Amazing and strategic ways to work with me.

As a certified result and business coach, I offer transformational coaching to female professionals and entrepreneurs who want to start, grow and brand their dream businesses online.

I enjoy opening people's eyes to opportunities around them so they can make money but my sweet spot is in helping my clients own a profitable business around their talents,  passion, experience and unique skills.

Here are the specific ways I help my clients to get their desired results.

'What Business Do I Start?' Ebook

This is an amazing and easy to use workbook that will shave off long hours and frustration off you by helping you find the perfect business for you in less than one hour.

Fee: ₦2,000/$6

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The Millionaire Or Nothing Masterclass DVD

This is the live recording of the Millionaire or Nothing Masterclass that recently held in Lagos and Abuja.

It was an AMAZING event and attendees haven't stopped sharing testimonies of how it changed their lives.

If you couldn't attend either events, this is your chance to partake of the awesomeness that were the classes.

Fee: ₦15,000/$40

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If you want to start, grow and profit from your own dream business and, you should visit The Millionaire Housewife Academy for the different online courses that you can take as convenient for you and Group programs where you can get all the support you need as you grow in your business journey.

The online courses and programs will deliver immediate value to you on how to start, grow and profit from your dream business.

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Inner Circle (Basic): This is a 6 months group program where I work with you to scale your business by sharing with you practical strategies to grow your business into the one of your dreams.

This coaching holds in a closed Facebook group and we focus on but not limited to:

  • Mind work for success
  • Vision work for success
  • Goal setting
  • Client attraction
  • Crafting compelling offers
  • Online Marketing
  • Brand Visibility
  • List building
  • Community Mastery
  • System and Structures
  • Multiple streams of income
  • Success management
  • Business branding
  • Tech trainings

The Access you get:

  • Weekly office hours where I answer all your questions personally in the group.
  • Weekly video trainings.
  • Bi-monthly group strategic session on Zoom

You also get:

  • Daily Accountability partner.
  • A quality network of sisters to leverage on.
  • Experts' training
  • Monthly challenges to keep you fired up.
  • Opportunity to list your businesses in the Millionaire Housewife Facebook page.
  • Opportunity to promote your brands in the Millionaire Housewife Facebook community.
  • Amazing discounts on my digital products and trainings

Duration: 6 Months

Investment: ₦250,000/$700 one time payment

₦130,000/$370 two instalments payment

₦50,000/$130 monthly payment

Inner Circle (Elite): This program has everything in the Inner Circle plus:

  • One hour one-on-one strategic call monthly with me to address your immediate business challenges
  • Access to me on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger
  • Access to the behind-the-scene of my business
  • Access to my branding team (tech and designs).
  • Opportunity to be on the Spotlight in the Millionaire Housewife Facebook community.

Duration: 6 Months

Fee: ₦750,000/$2100 one time payment

₦400,000/$1100 two instalments payment

₦150,000/$390 monthly payment

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This is a 1-hour strategic session where you get to ask me very salient questions and pick my brain on any matter that may be affecting your business growth on areas covering Sales & Marketing, System & Structure, Visibility, etc or you simply need my trained mind very quickly on decisions you want to make in your business.

Duration: 1 Hour

Venue: Skype/Zoom

Fee: ₦50,000/$135

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In this 2-3 hours strategic session, you and I will delve deep into your current business struggles and come up with a blueprint on how to tackle them head on.

We will map out all you need to do to move from being frustrated to fulfilled.

With this session, you also get 1 follow up 30 mins call within 30 days.

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Venue: Skype/Zoom

Fee: ₦100,000/$270

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This strategic session comes with mentoring.

This is for you if all you need is my expert eyes and brain on your affairs regularly. If you would like me to show you my processes and the behind-the-scenes of my business.

You get 2 strategic sessions on Skype/Zoom in a month and follow up regular chats on WhatsApp.

Duration: 1 Month

Venue: Skype/Zoom

Fee: ₦200,000/$540 Monthly

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This is a program for those who want to engage me as a Results Coach based on some major feat or life-defining vision/mission they have. This vision/goal could range from losing weight to writing a book, or starting a business but the central idea is that you need someone who would not indulge you nor accept your excuses but hold you accountable to your own goals.

Here we battle your procrastination and focus on helping you achieve specific goals in your life one day at a time.

You get:

  • An intensive coaching session where you and I will get clear on your goals and set SMART goals for you along with daily activities which I would hold you accountable to.
  • An execution worksheet which will help us track your progress daily.
  • Weekly short feedback sessions.

Fee: ₦150,000/$405 Monthly

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In this package, you and I go the whole 9 yards together to start, grow and brand your dream business online. We map out and execute all the strategies you need to start and build a highly fulfilling business as I help you birth your own dream business idea, build visibility, attract the right clients and actually own a highly profitable and fulfilling business built around your life on your own terms.

What you get:

  • Weekly trainings
  • Weekly one hour feedback/strategic calls on Zoom/Skype
  • Personal daily accountability via WhatsApp.
  • Lessons are based on Client's desired goals but around:

* Mind and vision work for success

* Ideal Customer avatar creation

* Visibility strategies

* Unique Selling Proposition

* Content marketing

* Sales and marketing funnel

* Offers and value chain

* Community mastery / list building

* Business systems and structures

Duration: 6 Months

Fee: ₦1,500,000/$4,054 for one time payment for 6 months, ₦800,000/$2,162 for two installments payment, ₦300,000/$810 monthly payment 


Are you having a hard time deciding which of these programs will suit you? Do you have questions about any of them? Please send me a message to